An obscenity

This is an obscenity, and it makes me ashamed to be an American.

If this is how we treat our soldiers, we don’t deserve our freedom.


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Too tired to fight (with a couple of exceptions…)


When I was seventeen, I was passionate about…well…EVERYTHING.

If I didn’t like it, you were going to hear about it. I was the guy in the front line with the biggest sign (and the biggest mouth.) There were no small issues, EVERYTHING mattered, EVERYTHING needed to be fixed, and if you weren’t part of the solution, then by golly I was going to let you know you were part of the problem!

Now, almost 30 years later…I find that there are so many things that, well…I just don’t CARE that much about anymore.

It’s not that I don’t think they’re important issues. It’s not that my beliefs or opinions have changed (well, a few shifted towards the middle a bit), it’s just the exorbitant amount of ENERGY is takes to be on fire for something…24/7/365…man!

That righteous indignation (or arrogant “religiousness”, take your pick) seems to require a lot more kindling to get burning nowadays.

Abortion, homosexuality, sin in the church, Church Rights, politics…on and on…

It’s not that I don’t have a opinion on these (I ALWAYS have an opinion, lol)…I just don’t have the time or energy to get so fired up about them anymore. And if I do get on the subject, I’m much more likely to be sitting somewhere quite and comfy, with a cup of coffee in my had…and maybe a campfire at my feet…and not marching down main street carrying a sign.

Did I sell out? Give up? Throw in the towel?

I don’t think so. At least I hope not.

Because, don’t get me wrong, I still have a couple of things that I’ll spend all day on up the soapbox (or, more likely, in the kitchen) for…and most revolve around feeding people and teaching and helping kids.

Being passionate about just those few things is often exhausting, lol.

Frankly, all those other issues? Well, they’re someone else’s fight now…and whoever you are, please know that you have my respect, support and prayers.

If you want to talk…let’s go get a cup of coffee.

-Just Perry

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KPAM Radio…a cautionary tale.


So, one morning at a Tualatin Chamber of Commerce meeting, this guy, a sales rep for local KPAM and Sunny 860 radio stations…let’s call him “Joe”, approached me, and with a firm handshake, tells me how much he respects what where doing with our MY KITCHEN cooking outreach, and how he’d like to sit down with me and talk about some ways to “really get our message out there.”

Joe was suave, sharp looking, and the very model of professionalism in speech and demeanor. Myself, flattered and grateful for the positive reinforcement, and desperate to drive traffic to support our outreach, of course, agreed to meet for coffee.

A week later, Joe sat down with me and showed me some impressive charts and graphs that assured me that his radio station, KPAM, out of Milwaukie Oregon, was the ideal demographic for our message.

The only catch was…I had to commit to a full year of advertising in advance, at $10,000, and that deal was ending at the end of the week.

Joe assured me that this was an AMAZING deal.

Okay, I’m not completely stupid (just more so than I thought)… looking back, this was an obvious and ham-handed used-car salesman tactic…and I fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

So, I signed up…and Joe promised me that they would have a professionally-recorded radio spot for me in a couple of weeks.

They did, and it was awesome. I loved it, and I was so excited that I talked about KPAM to anyone and everyone who would listen.  The first time I heard our radio spot, I had to pull over. We were finally going to get our name out there, and create a healthy and sustained funding source for our outreach and ministry!

A month passed (Feb-March), and then two…and I didn’t see any (I mean ANY) increase in our website traffic or sign-up rate.

Site Stats

Our growth rate remained exactly as it was since 2012, no spike during the run of our ads.

I wasn’t worried… Joe had told me that it might be a slow start and, honestly, hearing our ad on the radio stroked my ego enough to keep me happy, regardless of the nonexistent numbers.

Three months…still no noticeable ROI. I track down Joe at a chamber meeting and he, somewhat sheepishly, tells me that he’s leaving KPAM for a better “opportunity”, but he wants to meet for coffee and introduce me to…let’s call him “Jim.”

atrl89ibjs9gva5zatdkWe meet at a local cafe, and I’m introduced to Jim (who doesn’t seem nearly as impressive as Joe and, in fact, bears a striking resemblance to Les Nessman of WKRP fame…) He assures me that things are about to really take off, and with that, Joe shakes my hand, and is gone.

As far as Jim…I will never, not once, hear from Jim again, unless he’s trying to sell me something.

At four months, with still nothing to show for my money, I call Jim.


kpam-logoHe had just the thing, an annual radio call-in contest, “The Eliminator” always VERY popular with both listeners and advertisers. Only thirty businesses will be included in this “elimination” contest…scads of advertising, high profile placement during prime listening hours…a HUGE business opportunity for those who make it to the final rounds….only $1,000 to take part!

Apparently, I’m a sucker.

A month later (June), we were the last business to be eliminated, making it all the way to the 2nd place spot, with absolutely nothing to show in way of response.

Once again, no above-average increase in hits or sign-ups (see graph above), just another grand out of our outreach fund.

At this point, I was done. This obviously wasn’t working, and the only people seeing any money from our “advertising campaign”…was KPAM.

I called Jim and aired my frustrations. He kindly pointed out that I was under contract. I kindly pointed out that I wasn’t paying them one more damn penny, and please stop airing my ads.

They did.

Today, almost exactly one year later, I received a summons to appear in court for a lawsuit for the remainder of the contract, which I will likely have to pay.

Whose fault was all this? Mine of course. I was desperate, and foolish, and gullible, and I got taken by a used-car salesman.

My take away: anyoneKPAM Radio or anyone else, wants to lock you into a long-term contract with no promise of results, and no ability to part ways if it’s not working out…don’t walk, RUN away from the table!

You’re being sold a lemon.

BTW – I ran into “Joe” a few months later at Costco, he casually mentioned that KPAM “probably really wasn’t our ideal market” after all, and suggested a couple of other radio stations I could call…

Thanks Joe.

– Just Perry

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Bad food is OUR fault!

Bah! I’m SO tired of seeing post after post demanding that fast food joints get “healthy”, and that food manufacturers stop putting this, that, and the other thing in their products.

This is a FREE MARKET SOCIETY people! That means the manufacturer will sell whatever the consumer will BUY.

Why are they selling poisonous crap?


Nobody’s trying to get into heaven by converting the heathen to high fructose corn syrup…they’re trying to make MONEY. All they care about it MONEY. If they stop making money, they change the recipe…if we stop buying, they stop making money.

Stop me when the math get’s too hard here.

It’s OUR job to make a change, not theirs…get it? All of the yelling, complaining, and snarky memes in the world are going to change absolutely nothing. A fat-cat losing his seven-figure bonus, will.

And PLEASE stop screaming about labeling…it’s not the microscopic amount of some obscure chemical that’s killing us…it’s the 1/4 cup of sugar in a soda, it’s the 1/2 cup of saturated fat in the double-meat bacon burger, it’s that fourth trip through the carb buffet.

Stop worrying about all the weeds until we’ve cleared the forest, you know?

Don’t like what’s in processed food? Stop buying it! When I buy an organic apple at the produce shop, You know what’s in it…?


God forbid we have to made a side trip to the farmer’s market to pick up some decent produce! Go find a butcher who can tell you how that meat was raised and processed. Think it’s too expensive? (have you priced insulin lately?) then buy the good stuff and eat LESS of it.

Don’t know how to cook all that funny looking stuff? Put down the Ben & Jerry’s, turn off “Chopped” and go take a cooking class!

It’s not about “food deserts”, either! I refuse to accept that the answer to that problem is, “Poor people have to eat crap, so we should make it the healthiest crap we can.”

Teach our kids how to cook real food, how to grow their own produce, divert some of the billions that the bottom-feeding lobbyists are spending, channel it towards neighborhood gardens and fresh food delivery programs, and the “food deserts” will bloom.

Besides which, they’re buying SOMETHING there, right?

Nobody’s making Twinkies and Doritos in the back of the store because they can’t get them shipped in. When the Doritos and Twinkies stop selling, you’d be amazed how fast you’d start seeing apples and carrots on the shelves.

It’s friggin’ AMERICA people…we can get from one coast to the other in SIX HOURS and we can’t get celery to East LA?

Demand and profit drives what is available, not logistics.

We’ve become such a society of whiners! My god, turn off the idiot box, and go learn something. Do some research, find out what you don’t want to be eating (and why) and then don’t buy it! It’s not corporate America’s job to do our thinking for us! (Nor is it the government’s, btw). And if you think it is, just please remember that your trusting your family’s diet to a system that will always, always, always, prioritize buying low and selling high.

We are in control. We are NOT victims, it’s just easier to complain and hope someone else will do the work.

Okay, end of rant. 🙂

-Just Perry

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You deserve nothing.

oliver_twist_david_lean_0Thoughts for today…

Don’t tell me what you “deserve”…you deserve nothing.

I deserve nothing.

You see, there is no such thing as “deserve”, it’s an idealist fantasy constructed to rally people to a cause, an opiate of the masses, a balm for the cruelty of reality. There is no fair and unfair. There is only what happens or doesn’t.

You get what you work hard enough to attain, what you sacrifice for, what you’re smart enough, or blessed enough to seize when the opportunity presents itself,  what just happens through the course of random events, and the natural consequences of your action or inaction.

There is nothing wrong with kindness, and mercy, and generosity, and grace. Indeed, these are the things that separate us from the rest of the animal kingdom and, I personally believe, makes us “in the image of God.”

There is nothing wrong with an ideal, or wanting something better for yourselves or your society, with dedicating yourself to a cause. There is nothing wrong with noble aspirations…until we demand their reward as a given, instead of recognizing them as the fruits of our labors. Man is the only creature in the natural world that for some reason thinks that he is owed anything on the simple basis of his existence.

It’s an idea that’s as ignorant as it is arrogant, and it will ultimately lead to suffering, want, and failure for a person, for a race, and for a nation.

-Just Perry

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No one’s hands are clean


Okay, I’m going to get some flak for this, I know.

I have to be honest, I’m getting kind of tired of seeing the self-righteous posts by Christians, bashing all Muslims over terrorist bombings. Snarky comments about “the religion of peace” and such.

I’m not a Muslim. I’m a Christian, but as a Christian, I would remind my fellow Christians, before they start feeling too superior and holy, to go back and do a little reading on OUR history…

Little things like The Crusades, The Inquisition, the European blood libels, the Jewish plague massacres, the witch hunts of the 1400’s, John Calvin’s Protestant Inquisition, Oliver Cromwell, The Thirty Years’ War, the Salem witch hunts, the 19th century Jewish purges in Russia, Rev. Jim Jones…and many, MANY more.

Yes, you can pull jihad quotes from the Koran, and just as quickly, they can pull similar examples from the Bible.

Religion, any religion, that adopts the agenda of men, that twists it’s own teaching for political power, and that stops listening to the voice of God, is going to lead to suffering, repression, and destruction.

They’ve done it. We’ve done it.

No one’s hands are clean.

-Just Perry

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The Raising of America raises some disturbing issues

The Raising of America

A big thank you to Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon for inviting me to the limited screening of The Raising of America, last night in Portland.

I learned a lot…like there are some amazing, big-hearted, forward thinking people out there who are working damn hard to fix some very broken issues in how we. as a country, are investing (or not) in our future generations.

Also learned some frankly disheartening facts about where we stand as a nation in areas like healthcare, education, nutrition, etc.,

Did you know:

31 countries around the world provide a year or more of paid maternity leave. Most of Europe and Central Asia — or 38 of 53 countries — provide at least 26 weeks or more of paid leave.

The United States, we who tout great pride in family values, is the only high-income country that does not offer a paid leave program.

US law requires larger employers and public agencies to provide “up to” 12 weeks of unpaid leave, assuming you’re a full-time employee for at least 1 year. (Parents adopting children receive an average of six weeks, unpaid.)

Our “best case scenario” also assumes you can afford to take 3 months unpaid leave.

Somethings not right…

It’s not about money. We have plenty of money, certainly as much or more than most, if not all, of those other 31 countries.

It’s our focus, not our finances that are f***ed up.

Perhaps it’s time to stop being the planet’s police force and personal line of credit, and spend those billions on US education and healthcare…on saving our own country (ie: let’s get our OWN air-mask on first, before we try to help the guy in the seat next to us with his…)

Perhaps it’s time to stop bailing out ineptly run and hopelessly corrupt businesses and start investing in the future leaders of America. Perhaps it’s time to start really evaluating what our politicians are worth…and then demand that they earn their pay.

Perhaps it’s time to face the hard truth that in some key areas, maybe many key areas, America ain’t “#1” anymore…and fix that.

Your thoughts are welcome.

Just Perry

PS – I DO love it, I’m NOT going to leave it…but I would like to make it better.

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Appreciation Deficiency

mean-peopleHave you noticed that some folks just seem to have a serious “appreciation deficiency?”

These people are the ones who never tip 15% (or, God forbid, more), and never look their waiter/waitress in the eye.

They’re the gal who never says “thank you” when you hold the door for her, or the guys who never let the person buying a single item go ahead of them in the checkout line, and the ones who wouldn’t even think of slowing down to let a car pull in front of them in traffic, or wave if YOU let THEM in.

They’re the ones who stand in your cubicle doorway and complain about co-workers for an hour (then go stand in someone elses cubicle to complain about YOU for an hour…)

And the never, ever, help anyone move.

You know what else I’ve discovered about these people? They’re usually chronically unhappy and mind-numbingly boring to hang around with.

It’s best to love them from a distance, but you don’t want to breathe their air for long.

-Just Perry

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Everybody loves Raymond…except me.

Okfull_episodes_everybody_loves_raymond_212ay, so I started watching “Everybody Loves Raymond” on Amazon Prime.

At first it cracked me up (I like the brother), but I’m in season 4 and now I find myself spending most of each episode screaming at the screen for Debra to divorce that whiny, self-absorbed ass-hat of a husband, send the little thumb-sucker back home to his weaselly, dominating b**** of a mommy, and find a real man.

I don’t think I’m getting the most out of this “comedy”…lol.

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Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 2.19.52 PM

An uncharacteristically serious post. Bear with me (or skip it, I won’t be offended)…

I overheard a couple talking this morning about yet another school shooting. About the “senselessness” of it all, repeating again and again how they “didn’t understand” what was happening in our society.

I don’t KNOW that I understand, but I think I might know some part of it.

We are raising a generation (or second, or third) that has no “hope of heaven”, little sense of destiny, and no personal calling.

A generation with no fathers (or too many fathers) who sees morality, and absolutes, and religion given a condescending pat on the head (at best) while “science” teaches them that they are little more than electrical pain collecting mechanisms grinding their way towards oblivion…and we wonder why no one “values human life” anymore?

Next we give them shallow, meaningless idols to worship…millionaire rock-stars, overpaid (and over-drugged, and over-sexed) sports stars, “famous” actors and performers…with talents and abilities (regardless of your personal preference) that 99.999 of them do not posses and have no hope that they will ever attain.

We take them to a high place and offer them the world, and they’re halfway to the ground before they realize they’ve been duped.

Instead of pointing them at true heroes, those who protect, and serve, and teach, and heal, and love…we give them Kardasians, and Biebers, and Cyrus’s, and Armstrongs, and Paternos…

…and when they become disillusioned with those mud idols, or despair in the likelihood of thier own 70ish years of comparable anonymity, mediocrity, and worthlessness, followed by the great void; when we tell them one thing with our lips-service about “living a good life”, and another thing at the box-offices, and bookstores, and concert halls, and arenas with our wallets and our time, might not some of them replace the impossible dream of being a “hero” for at least the fleeting fame and significance of being the anti-hero?

What have they got to lose, when they have no hope?

And we’ve certainly made THAT a quick and easy trip to fame. Columbine High School, Virginia Tech, Deer Creek Middle School, Thurston High School, Chardon High School, Sandy Hook, Sparks Middle School, Isla Vista… Seattle Pacific University. This is a tiny fraction of school shootings that covered the front pages of newspapers, filled the radio airwaves, and were bandied about ad naseum on “cable news TV”…and, let’s be honest, not because of anything so noble as “the people’s right to know” but because sensationalism = ratings = profits. Hollywood made movies (albeit not good ones.) Presidents learned their names. There’s no such thing as bad press, right?

Sociopaths or not, kids aren’t stupid…they can do the math. Grab a gun and CNN will make you famous. (Insert the media outlet of your choice, they’re all pimps of the same pain and suffering.)

Meaningless life, followed by nothing, or “going down in a blaze of glory” (another theme of countless rock stars and box office hits)…how can we NOT understand?

“For you, O Lord, are my hope, my trust, O Lord, from my youth.”

It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

-Just Perry

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