p6040133.jpgWelcome to my blog!

I’m Perry, and I’m a novelist, cookbook author, and award winning food blogger, I’m also the executive chef and owner of hautemealz.com, a web-based meal planning service whose goal is bringing busy families back to the dinner table, by providing simple, healthy, and delicious weekly menu plans and itemized grocery-shopping lists.

A third generation chef, I’ve written for hundreds of magazines, and blogs regularly for ears/Kenmore’s outdoor cooking blog, Grilling is Happiness. His inspirational stories have been included in many Chicken Soup anthologies, as well.

I currently maintain four blogs (some better than others): hautemealz.com, perryperkinsbooks.com, burninloveblog.com, and perryatehere.com, the first three being niche blogs for my businesses, and the fourth strictly a restaurant review page.

However, each is focused on an individual brand and area of interest, and while there is occasionally crossover between the three, I really have no place to post stuff that doesn’t relate to one of those businesses. Stuff about my awesome wife, what God is talking to me about, what’s pissing me off at the moment, things my amazing daughter says, hanging out with friends, my life (good and bad), fun stuff I find online…you know, that ever-shrinking gray area I call  my “personal life”.

This blog is where I share all the stuff that’s, well…justperry.

Thanks for visiting!


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