Bad food is OUR fault!

Bah! I’m SO tired of seeing post after post demanding that fast food joints get “healthy”, and that food manufacturers stop putting this, that, and the other thing in their products.

This is a FREE MARKET SOCIETY people! That means the manufacturer will sell whatever the consumer will BUY.

Why are they selling poisonous crap?


Nobody’s trying to get into heaven by converting the heathen to high fructose corn syrup…they’re trying to make MONEY. All they care about it MONEY. If they stop making money, they change the recipe…if we stop buying, they stop making money.

Stop me when the math get’s too hard here.

It’s OUR job to make a change, not theirs…get it? All of the yelling, complaining, and snarky memes in the world are going to change absolutely nothing. A fat-cat losing his seven-figure bonus, will.

And PLEASE stop screaming about labeling…it’s not the microscopic amount of some obscure chemical that’s killing us…it’s the 1/4 cup of sugar in a soda, it’s the 1/2 cup of saturated fat in the double-meat bacon burger, it’s that fourth trip through the carb buffet.

Stop worrying about all the weeds until we’ve cleared the forest, you know?

Don’t like what’s in processed food? Stop buying it! When I buy an organic apple at the produce shop, You know what’s in it…?


God forbid we have to made a side trip to the farmer’s market to pick up some decent produce! Go find a butcher who can tell you how that meat was raised and processed. Think it’s too expensive? (have you priced insulin lately?) then buy the good stuff and eat LESS of it.

Don’t know how to cook all that funny looking stuff? Put down the Ben & Jerry’s, turn off “Chopped” and go take a cooking class!

It’s not about “food deserts”, either! I refuse to accept that the answer to that problem is, “Poor people have to eat crap, so we should make it the healthiest crap we can.”

Teach our kids how to cook real food, how to grow their own produce, divert some of the billions that the bottom-feeding lobbyists are spending, channel it towards neighborhood gardens and fresh food delivery programs, and the “food deserts” will bloom.

Besides which, they’re buying SOMETHING there, right?

Nobody’s making Twinkies and Doritos in the back of the store because they can’t get them shipped in. When the Doritos and Twinkies stop selling, you’d be amazed how fast you’d start seeing apples and carrots on the shelves.

It’s friggin’ AMERICA people…we can get from one coast to the other in SIX HOURS and we can’t get celery to East LA?

Demand and profit drives what is available, not logistics.

We’ve become such a society of whiners! My god, turn off the idiot box, and go learn something. Do some research, find out what you don’t want to be eating (and why) and then don’t buy it! It’s not corporate America’s job to do our thinking for us! (Nor is it the government’s, btw). And if you think it is, just please remember that your trusting your family’s diet to a system that will always, always, always, prioritize buying low and selling high.

We are in control. We are NOT victims, it’s just easier to complain and hope someone else will do the work.

Okay, end of rant. 🙂

-Just Perry

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