You deserve nothing.

oliver_twist_david_lean_0Thoughts for today…

Don’t tell me what you “deserve”…you deserve nothing.

I deserve nothing.

You see, there is no such thing as “deserve”, it’s an idealist fantasy constructed to rally people to a cause, an opiate of the masses, a balm for the cruelty of reality. There is no fair and unfair. There is only what happens or doesn’t.

You get what you work hard enough to attain, what you sacrifice for, what you’re smart enough, or blessed enough to seize when the opportunity presents itself,  what just happens through the course of random events, and the natural consequences of your action or inaction.

There is nothing wrong with kindness, and mercy, and generosity, and grace. Indeed, these are the things that separate us from the rest of the animal kingdom and, I personally believe, makes us “in the image of God.”

There is nothing wrong with an ideal, or wanting something better for yourselves or your society, with dedicating yourself to a cause. There is nothing wrong with noble aspirations…until we demand their reward as a given, instead of recognizing them as the fruits of our labors. Man is the only creature in the natural world that for some reason thinks that he is owed anything on the simple basis of his existence.

It’s an idea that’s as ignorant as it is arrogant, and it will ultimately lead to suffering, want, and failure for a person, for a race, and for a nation.

-Just Perry

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