Deleting the AddThis Floating Link Bar – a Solution!

Oh my god…I think I fixed it!

Okay, so here’s the deal…I’ve been trying for a month to get rid of this link bar that floats on the left side of my SimplySmartDinnerPlans ( website….to no avail.

AddMe Floating Links Fix

Searched and searched, and no one seemed to have an answer (but lots of folks had the same problem.)

AddMe Floating Links FixIt wasn’t such a hassle on the desktop version of my page, by totally fubar’d my mobile versions, as the link bar wouldn’t disappear, so no one could read, or more importantly SUBSCRIBE to my site!

(Are you starting to feel my pain?)

Hovering over the “Share” button showed a reference to “AddThis”

Naturally, I deleted every reference to AddThis, and the AddThis plug-in I could find, I changed my cache plug-in, even changed my theme…everything that anyone even remotely suggested might work…nothing did.

Then…today…I was cleaning up and reorganizing some of my widgets, and I didn’t like the way the Facebook Like Box (Jetpack) widget looked in my sidebar, so I opened it up to explore my options.

Look what I found…

AddMe Floating Links Fix

Except…where it says, “Enable Other Social Buttons”, mine was toggled to “Yes”.

I switched it to “No” (because there wasn’t a “Oh, HELL No!” option…) hit “Save”, and then refreshed my page. BOOM – floating link bar GONE!

Opened up my iPhone and iPad and checked the pages from there, and there was my beautiful, unobstructed website in all her glory!

Now, I don’t know if this is THE fix, but I can say that it worked for me, and I hope it does for you as well. Now, I’m off to share this link on about a hundred forums, lol.

Just Perry

PS – Oh, and if this works for you, and you find yourself just dying to show your eternal love and gratitude, please go to my website and sign up for our free weekly dinner plans and recipes. It’s free, and it helps support some great causes! – P

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3 thoughts on “Deleting the AddThis Floating Link Bar – a Solution!

  1. this helped a lot! thanks a ton!

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. God bless you.

    I’ve been trying to get rid of these damn buttons forever


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