The Raising of America raises some disturbing issues

The Raising of America

A big thank you to Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon for inviting me to the limited screening of The Raising of America, last night in Portland.

I learned a lot…like there are some amazing, big-hearted, forward thinking people out there who are working damn hard to fix some very broken issues in how we. as a country, are investing (or not) in our future generations.

Also learned some frankly disheartening facts about where we stand as a nation in areas like healthcare, education, nutrition, etc.,

Did you know:

31 countries around the world provide a year or more of paid maternity leave. Most of Europe and Central Asia — or 38 of 53 countries — provide at least 26 weeks or more of paid leave.

The United States, we who tout great pride in family values, is the only high-income country that does not offer a paid leave program.

US law requires larger employers and public agencies to provide “up to” 12 weeks of unpaid leave, assuming you’re a full-time employee for at least 1 year. (Parents adopting children receive an average of six weeks, unpaid.)

Our “best case scenario” also assumes you can afford to take 3 months unpaid leave.

Somethings not right…

It’s not about money. We have plenty of money, certainly as much or more than most, if not all, of those other 31 countries.

It’s our focus, not our finances that are f***ed up.

Perhaps it’s time to stop being the planet’s police force and personal line of credit, and spend those billions on US education and healthcare…on saving our own country (ie: let’s get our OWN air-mask on first, before we try to help the guy in the seat next to us with his…)

Perhaps it’s time to stop bailing out ineptly run and hopelessly corrupt businesses and start investing in the future leaders of America. Perhaps it’s time to start really evaluating what our politicians are worth…and then demand that they earn their pay.

Perhaps it’s time to face the hard truth that in some key areas, maybe many key areas, America ain’t “#1” anymore…and fix that.

Your thoughts are welcome.

Just Perry

PS – I DO love it, I’m NOT going to leave it…but I would like to make it better.

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One thought on “The Raising of America raises some disturbing issues

  1. Patricia O

    I also just read (I will try to find the reference) that mothers/fathers are more productive on the job. If we gave the mothers/fathers 1-2 years to nurture a child then businesses benefit. And so does the child/family.


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