Fantasic Customer Service from

Amazon.comI think, much too often, we’re very quick to share a negative customer experience, but don’t shout out the good ones nearly enough.

I do a lot of shopping, both physical and digital with, and I’ve had a snarky comment or two about them in the past.

For the sake of fairness, here’s the transcript from the six-minutes of exceptional customer service I received from their online chat support, today…

(Note the “above and beyond” highlighted in red.)

Sometimes, good stuff happens, too…


My Initial Question: Last summer, I pre-ordered the instant movie, “Chef.” A while later my wallet was stolen and I had to cancel my credit cards. Before my new one arrived, Amazon tried to charge me for the movie and the purchase was declined. Now, when I try to buy the SD movie (with a new card on file), I get an error message telling me that I can’t because I’ve already purchased that title, but I didn’t!

Is there any way to fix this?



07:30 PM PDT Amazon(Amazon): Hello. Thank you for contacting Amazon customer service. My name is Vinit. I’ll be glad to help you today. Please give me 2 minutes to check your account details.

07:31 PM PDT Perry Perkins: Thank you!

07:31 PM PDT Amazon(Amazon): You’re welcome.

07:32 PM PDT Amazon(Amazon): Please go to the above link and try purchasing the HD copy. Let me know what happens.

07:32 PM PDT Perry Perkins: Okay…

07:32 PM PDT Amazon(Amazon): Thank you.

07:33 PM PDT Perry Perkins: Will the HD version play on my ipad?

07:33 PM PDT Amazon(Amazon): Yes Perry . It will also include the SD version as well. Let me know once you place the order.

07:34 PM PDT Perry Perkins: Done!

07:34 PM PDT Amazon(Amazon): Great! I notice that the order has been generated. I also notice that you have rented this video a while back. Let me issue you a refund for that.

07:34 PM PDT Perry Perkins: Wow. Thank you!

07:34 PM PDT Amazon(Amazon): You’re welcome πŸ™‚Β  I have made the necessary changes. The refund has been issued and now you have the SD and the HD copy in your video library πŸ™‚

07:36 PM PDT Perry Perkins: That’s awesome, thank you so much for your help!

07:36 PM PDT Amazon(Amazon): You’re welcome πŸ™‚ Have a great day!

07:36 PM PDT Perry Perkins: You too!

07:36 PM PDT Amazon(Amazon): Thank you. Bye!

Thank you.
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