Microsoft Office “checking for new mail in subscribed folders.”

checking for new mail in subscribed folder

Hey everyone, I had the same problem with Outlook hanging on “Synchronizing subscribed folders” and “checking for new mail in subscribed folders.”

I think I FINALLY found someone who knows the answer!

Apparently (at least in my case), it was that Outlook had my entire folder hierarchy “subscribed” to check for updates every time, instead of just my Inbox, Sent, and Trash (and I had about a hundred other folders!)

Once I “unsubscribed” from all but those three, the problem went away immediately!

It’s not my answer, so I’m not comfortable copying and pasting it, but you can see the step-by-step instructions here. I’ll give you the long URL too, so you can see where you’re going:

Hope that helps!

-Just Perry

Perry P. Perkins
Executive Chef

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