Appreciation Deficiency

mean-peopleHave you noticed that some folks just seem to have a serious “appreciation deficiency?”

These people are the ones who never tip 15% (or, God forbid, more), and never look their waiter/waitress in the eye.

They’re the gal who never says “thank you” when you hold the door for her, or the guys who never let the person buying a single item go ahead of them in the checkout line, and the ones who wouldn’t even think of slowing down to let a car pull in front of them in traffic, or wave if YOU let THEM in.

They’re the ones who stand in your cubicle doorway and complain about co-workers for an hour (then go stand in someone elses cubicle to complain about YOU for an hour…)

And the never, ever, help anyone move.

You know what else I’ve discovered about these people? They’re usually chronically unhappy and mind-numbingly boring to hang around with.

It’s best to love them from a distance, but you don’t want to breathe their air for long.

-Just Perry

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