WereNotCrazyHere are the three funniest conversations I’ve had with my six-year-old daughter (The Pickle) this week:


Pickle: “Daddy, did you know that sometimes when dinosaurs went potty, after millions of years, it turned into rocks!”
Me: “Do tell.”
Pickle: “Yup. They’re called “Poop Fossils!”
Me: “Lovely.”


Pickle: “Dad, can we get a giant trampoline and a bouncy house for my birthday party?”
Me: “You don’t need a trampoline AND a bouncy house, they both serve the same purpose…jumping around.”
Pickle: “Oh…yeah.”
Me. “I like bouncy houses better, myself, because you don’t fall off and break your head.”
Pickle: “Okay Dad, you’re right…we’ll just get a bouncy house!”

Um…did I just get played?


(Through the bathroom door)

Pickle: Daddy, what’cha doing?
Me: I’m building a rocket!
Pickle: No you’re not! You’re going potty!
Me: Are we supposed to talk through the door when people are going potty?
Pickle: No.
Pickle: Daddy?
Me: Yes???
Pickle: Can I talk through the door when you’re building a rocket?

Dang it!

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