Media vs. Truth

You do understand that “The Media” (television news, print magazines, newspapers, and radio) are “for profit” businesses, right?

Their foundational commitment is not “truth” or “justice” or “information” but PROFIT, for themselves and their shareholders.

This means that every piece of “news” that we hear, see, or read, is all filtered to cause the greatest level of sensationalism, which in turn translates to whatever angle produces the most hardcopy (magazines and newspapers) and softcopy (website ads) revenue possible. If the reality of the situation, or “mitigating circumstances” are not in line with what will SELL the best, they will be marginalized, or left out completely.

What is “newsworthy” has long ago been replaced by what is best return-on-investment. “Truth” is not even a consideration.

Boiled down?

Every time we share, forward, or “like” something presented by mainstream media, we are nothing more to them than free advertising for whatever version of the truth will bring them the most profit. We are lemmings, we are puppets, we are mindless Pavlovian parrots, and their only interest in us lay in how far and wide we will freely, and with mindless passion, regurgitate the sensationalistic propaganda that makes them the most money.

I would call us media whores…but whores get paid for their service.

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