More thoughts on WalMart

Living Wage

And today’s can o’ worms is…WALMART (dun…dun…DUNNNNN…)

I guess I don’t understand the whole Walmart issue (that’s not false modesty, I admittedly don’t know all of the particulars), but it seems to me that if they’re paying their employees minimum wage or better, and that’s not enough for a “living wage”, then the expectation for them (or any other for-profit business) to pay more than is legally required, is a little ludicrous.

The whole “nobody’s forcing you to work there” argument (which I firmly agree with, btw) aside, it’s like being pissed at people who drive 55, when the speed limit is posted at 55, lol. Are we better off trying to brow-beat each of those drivers into going faster, or do we rise up as a community (neighborhood, city, state, whatever) and demand that the speed limit be raised? (and yes, I know it’s not a perfect analogy, please spare us your semantic nit-picking…you know what I mean.) 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of sweatshops (having worked a few of them in my time), but I also feel that the best outlet for moral outrage is in making a personal effort to bring about the change we want to see…not just harping at others about how THEY should change. If we want Walmart (or any other for-profit company) to pay more, it seems like raising the legal limit of what they must pay each employee is the logical way to go.

Or…is it just easier for us to demonize a rich family, than to make the government raise the minimum wage?



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