Apparently, I’m a prude…

rating_imgOkay, I gotta vent.

I think most folks who know me would agree that “prudish” is not a word that would typically come to mind when describing me, lol. If anything I was always the one who tended to lean more towards my “freedoms” (as my pastor used to put it.)

However, I don’t tend to watch a lot of “adult humor” or “guy humor” movies, as I’m more of a family/sci-fi/rom-com/adventure kinda guy. I watched a couple of these kinda movies with “the guys” several years back and was taken aback that what seemed like a lot of really crass and vulgar humor.

Then…for whatever reason, I ended up watching another movie in this genre (The Hangover II) today, and I swear…I was embarrassed enough while watching it at home, ALONE, that I had to turn it off half-way through. WAY worse than the last time. The level of crudeness and just plain filth for filth’s sake, just blew my mind.

People would have been boycotting theaters when I was a teen, over some of the stuff in this movie, and apparently it’s considered acceptable as “crude humor” now.

It’s really kind of scary, as someone who’s only checked back in once or twice in the last two decades, to see how desensitized people seem to have become to this kind of stuff. I can’t image watching this movie with my best friends, much less in a theater full of strangers.

Frog in the kettle, folks.


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One thought on “Apparently, I’m a prude…

  1. I agree with this 100%. I tried to watch the movie Ted and it was so bad that I turned it off after about 20 mins and wanted to hang my head in shame because of the filth in this movie! And cable tv is getting just about as bad~!


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