Domain “parkers” and other scum…

Opinion: Does anyone else think that companies that buy and “park” domain names to resell at ridiculous prices (ie: = $1,500/yr, and “ at $70,000) rate right up there with personal injury lawyers, insurance adjusters, and guys who sell crack on elementary school playgrounds? (not necessarily in that order).

For those who would cry “Supply and Demand” (as one Canadian friend did, with a backhanded slap at “American capitalism”) I say BS.

It would be “supply and demand” if it were the actual domain hosts, who provided the service, based on demand for a specific URL, that were selling at these prices. But it’s not, it’s that classic leech on society, the “middle man” oozing his way into the system to make money off something he neither created nor uses. What my father would have called “a boil on the @ss of society” who only seeks to USE, and not to CONTRIBUTE (see my earlier examples).

…and don’t worry my Northern friend, given the current direction of our politics, we’ll be right there with you Canadians in no time, lol.


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