Toasted Coconut mallow S’mores


I love s’mores.

8Another great product we were given samples of at International Food Blogger Conference, were “mallow” brand gourmet toasted coconut marshmallows. I took one look at these little lovelies, cut square, two-to-a-pack, and thought, “OMG…perfect s’mores, baby!”

No brainer, right?

Now, you know what makes up a s’more…it’s not exactly rocket science, but making a great s’more, at home, is a little more work. Even heating is key, along with melting the chocolate, all without browning (or blackening) the graham cracker.

1236067_10201958775953844_1712957495_nOh – and the better the chocolate, the better the s’more. These Scharffen Berger Extra Rich Milk Chocolate bars (also on the swag table at IFBC) were pretty freakin’ awesome…

Toasted Coconut Mallow S’mores
Serves 4

4 mallow toasted coconut Artisan Marshmallows (2 pkg)
3 oz (1 bar) Scharffen Berger Extra Rich Milk Chocolate
4 whole Graham crackers, halved

Preheat oven broiler to low, and position oven rack at the 2/3 height. Line a baking pan with foil (trust me), and place a cooling rack inside.


Evenly place your mallows on the rack, keeping them well apart. Broil, watching VERY closely until the coconut just begins to color. Meanwhile, divide your chocolate bars into 4 even pieces.


Remove from oven and VERY QUICKLY set 4 Graham cracker halves, topped with 4 sections of chocolate, on the rack. Using tongs, carefully flip each mallow onto one Graham section, hot side down.


Slap those babies back under the broiler, and broil another minute or so until the second side starts to brown, and the mallow begins to visibly soften. The key to a great “campfire” s’more is that it’s evenly toasted on all sides. This method is about as close as you’re going to get without building a fire in the kitchen sink.


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Remove from oven, top with remaining crackers, flip, and let rest 2-3 minutes.

Serve and enjoy…The Pickle did!


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