Suppy, demand, and buying “local”

4dec3ccb7754d612c32c0101aa47efbbSaw THREE posts today about making sure we “only buy local” for Christmas and don’t support the big, evil, corporate stores.

Great idea!

Well, except…you know… all of those local people who WORK at the big company stores, and the small companies (like me) who products are distributed through the big stores, and the truck drivers who supply the store, and the warehouse workers who load and unload all those products…

When the layoffs come, because the numbers are down, I guess the local mom-and-pop shops will hire them all so they don’t get the shaft right before Christmas, huh?

For the record…I do shop local, a LOT, and I encourage it.

The issue for me is the fact that so many people have swallowed the cool-ade that the big stores are some single evil entity, and not made up of our own family, friends, and neighbors. Vast numbers of social-media zombies who stumble about, glass-eyed, moaning “Walmart bad…Walmart baaaaad…” with not justification or education to back up their opinion beyond that fact that all of their friends are shambling along moaning in chorus.

That people are afraid to admit that they shop at Walmart, or drink Starbucks…well, the law of supply and demand would suggest that, regardless of your personal sense shame, you’re not alone. Both businesses are opening up stores (and hiring locals) left, right, and sideways, so SOMEONE’S shopping there!

Do they have any idea how many “little locals stores” would be required to open (and make a profit) just to employ the current workers at just the Walmarts here in Oregon?


– Perry

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