Yet another blog…

Riding home on the train from the International Food Bloggers Conference in Seattle this week, I was talking to my friend and business partner Chris Renner about a growing frustration.

I currently maintain four blogs (some better than others):,,, and, the first three being niche blogs for my businesses, and the fouth strictly a resturant review page.

However, each is focused on an individual brand and area of interest, and while there is occasionally crossover between the three, I really have no place to post stuff that doesn’t relate to one of those businesses. Stuff about my awesome family, what God is talking to me about, what’s pissing me off at the moment, things my amazing daughter says, hanging out with friends, my life (good and bad), fun stuff I find online…you know, that ever-shrinking gray area I call  my “personal life”.

Stuff like the food bloggers conference I just attended…I’m bursting with excitement, new information, ideas…all kinds of stuff…but where do I share it?

So, I’ve decided that I want a place just for me. Not a site I’m trying to promote a business of product from, or even particularly trying to drive traffic to. Just a place to let my thoughts and ideas flow, unencumbered by any concerns of branding or target markets. This is all the “other stuff.”

A place for, as my old buddy Lindy so eloquently puts it…Random Brain Spew.

Much of the “old” content on this page will be cut & pasted from my first blog, before I started my businesses and their related blogs. Originally titled “Cubeville” (I was working for Xerox, at the time), it’s been a awhile since I’m posted much there, so there will be a bit of a disconnect from the old posts to the new ones, and a little dust in the corners, but it seemed like a shame to waste all of that old content (lots of great stuff about The Pickle’s arrival and first few years, as well.)

For the sake of disclosure, I’m certain there will be some overlap, as I’ll have things from my other sites (recipes, ideas,  announcements, etc) that I’ll want to share here, so don’t be surprised if you’re following my other blogs and occasionally see a duplicate post.

But mostly it’ll be, well…justperry.

So, feel free to pull up a chair, say what you want, be occasionally inappropriate (I will), and just hang out.



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